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on Jan 23, 2009

Having bought a property, sometimes the bigger task is to make it livable by sprucing it up to a level that makes living in it enjoyable. A house is not a home unless it has been decked up according to one’s tastes and preferences, especially since one is likely to spend the next few decades living in it. One could design the interiors of the house by referring to a book or hire an architect to draw up the interior plans but implementing these changes sometimes may come at a hefty cost and where does one raise this additional amount. A lot of times one tends to forego or postpone the interiors because it is beyond one’s budget. HDFC’s Home Improvement loans are just designed to take care of such situations so that one is not forced to live in a house that is not up to the mark. This is even true in the case of an older home where there may be some wear and tear from usage and one may have to get some repairs done.



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